Speed Up Amarok - Part 1

One of our articles was posted on Reddit (Top 10 Must Have Applications for Ubuntu.) and one user, made the following comment on:spacer_gif How to Speed Up Amarok - Part 1 “Anyone know how to speed up Amarok when trying to listen to a library on a share? My Music library is about 17,000 songs which is stored on my NAS. It takes about 10 minutes to start listening to music from start up of Amarok. I’ve switch Amarok to use MySQL instead of SQL Lite which helped a bit but [not] nearly enough.“spacer_gif How to Speed Up Amarok - Part 1

One thing to consider, that will help, is to “Improve Ubuntu Linux Operating Speed Performance.”spacer_gif How to Speed Up Amarok - Part 1

I had the same issue but with files (but not nearly as many files as that poster), stored on the local PC. I switched to MySQL stored on a small server (in the same network). While I did see an improvement, it was not as much as I expected. And I was disappointed because it took most of the day to copy the files across the network to the server. After playing and tweaking, I realized four things:spacer_gif How to Speed Up Amarok - Part 1