Songbird: An Open Source Music Mashup System

"I can't live without my radio," LL Cool J once declaimed. Me, I can't live without my music library: there isn't a day that goes by when I don't have Miles Davis or Brian Eno (or, when I'm feeling more ruminative, Merzbow) on the speakers. To that end I tried out Songbird, a Mozilla-derive open source music player and web-sharing platform. In time it could be to WMP and even Winamp what Firefox is to IE -- but, again, in time.

Since Songbird is still in the very early stages (I tried out the 0.3 release on Windows), I didn't expect anything as polished as iTunes. But even this early on, it's a slick-looking program and it works well enough in the most basic ways to make me consider using it at least provisionally. The visual design of the program (version 0.4 shown here) does seem loosely inspired by iTunes, although the columnar design also owes something to the open-source player Rhythmbox as well.