Skype's beta videophone for Linux looks pretty good

Skype recently released Skype 2.0 beta for Linux, which includes the ability to make video calls, a feature the Windows and Mac versions have had for some time. I tried the beta on two systems running Ubuntu 7.10 -- my desktop PC with a USB webcam and a MacBook Pro with its onboard iSight webcam -- with mixed results.

Probably the hardest part of using Skype or any other VoIP application as a video phone is finding a webcam that is supported on Linux. As I noted in my review of the Ekiga videophone earlier this year, the Creative Labs Ultra NX works flawlessly.


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Skype is too exclusive

I prefer the ACN video phone I have over anything like Skype's etc. All I have to do with my video phone is connect it to my ethernet and turn the power on. I don't need to use a computer, or login to a computer program.

Skype is ok for the tech savvy (which I am) but I'd prefer to use a more simplistic video phone. I plug my phone in and my 5 year old can use it!! She couldn't use anything with Skype.