Simplifying infrared device configuration

Building a MythTV digital video recorder (DVR) is a series of small battles -- configuring digital sound, aligning your video sources and channel guide data, getting XvMC running, and so on. Any tool that simplifies one of those battles is welcome, and GNOME LIRC Properties promises to be just such a tool. It is a shortcut to configuring infrared receivers and remote controls, and although it is not perfect, it is a good step in the right direction.

MythTV is not alone in its use of infrared (IR) receivers and remotes, but it is the most popular of the Linux DVR projects, which is the most popular category of IR-supporting applications. Linux's IR support is more akin to configuring a printer than a keyboard or mouse. IR devices do not interact with X Windows (at least, not natively); you must find and load (and in some cases compile) the proper drivers for your hardware, and you must set up a special service to send and receive IR events.