Shutter 0.70 released!

Version 0.70 of Shutter is now available! Get it before the server overloads ;)

This is the first release of Shutter as it is - we’ve just renamed it from GScrot. So you’ll now find it called Shutter inder ApplicationsAccessories, along with a nicer new logo (thanks to Pascal Grochol for the design).

Major updates in this release are printing support, support for a whole lot of formats to save pictures in, support for watching changes to files (open the screenshot externally in gimp, save it - and shutter updates its copy), integration with GVFS (you can upload sites that you’ve connected to via Places ▸ Connect), better recognition for programs that can open a picture, faster thumbnail creation, and improved dialogs!


Shutter 0.70!

Shutter 0.70!

As if that weren’t enough, here is the full changelog detailing every item updated:

  * General changes
-- Rebranding from GScrot to Shutter
-- Exports to and opens all file formats supported by gdk-pixbuf
-- Added native printing support (instead of gtklp)
-- Watch opened files via GnomeVFS File Monitor to monitor changes
-- Integration of GNOME Virtual File System and
GNOME authentication manager (LP: #310780)
-- Respect non-rectangular windows (XSHAPE)
when using metacity (LP: #260771)
-- Use themeable icons wherever its is possible
-- Use systemwide MIME Information instead of config file
-- Move screenshots to trash instead of deleting them (LP: #313003)
-- Faster thumbail creation and caching
(improves gui startup when a lot of files are in last session)
-- Improved Dialogs (e.g. Settings Dialog)
-- Show context menu for each file in session tab (right click)
* Gui improvements
Show current profile in statusbar (LP: #279271)
Second toolbar removed (LP: #311626)
Progress bars (LP: #310299)
-- LP: #311627
-- LP: #312966
-- LP: #313346
-- LP: #326758
* Drawing Tool
Scale uniformly (LP: #310708)
Added standard actions (copy, cut, paste, delete) (LP: #313343)
Added censor tool to hide private data (LP: #317659)
-- LP: #310717
-- LP: #310721
-- LP: #311574
-- LP: #311576
-- LP: #311577
-- LP: #311580
* Miscellaneous
Shutter shows up in GNOME add/remove (LP: #322388)
Repository is not signed (thanks to the LP Team) (LP: #312681)
* Plugins
New hard shadow plugin (thanks to Tualatrix) (LP: #331914)
* Fixed bugs
-- LP: #303090
-- LP: #313761
-- LP: #316917
-- LP: #336120
-- LP: #336126
-- LP: #336121
-- LP: #336118
-- LP: #336133
-- LP: #336124
* updated translations

About Shutter:

Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot
of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website -
apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then
upload to an image hosting site, all within one window.