Share a single mouse, keyboard and clipboard between multiple computers

Once upon a time… I sat beneath a person who tried to show me something on his GNU/Linux desktop. As he noticed, he needs to copy a password from his Windows machine (was it OS X?), which was standing close, I waited for him to copy and paste by using his eyes. But hey: He just moved his mouse across the boarder of his screen and the mouse pointer appeared on the screen of the other computer.

There he marked something, copied it to the clipboard by using the very keyboard, moved his mouse back to the first screen and pasted the content from the clipboard. I am neither talking about two screens attached to one computer, nor about a kvm device. You can probably imagine, how surprised I was…

The solution to this magic is rather simple. It is called “Synergy” - a program available for GNU/Linux, Windows, OS X. It is a server/client application.