Setup Vidalia TOR GUI with Ubuntu and surf anonymously with encrypted proxy chains

Do you want completely anonymous internet access? For Free? Tor is the open source leader to anonymous connections on the internet.

You can anonymize your internet presence from AIM/ICQ/MSN/ Jabber/IRC/WWW/FTP and you can even issue a torify command at the command prompt to anonymize your wget/ssh/lynx/ftp/perl or whatever. Basically tor is for the people by the people, it is only alive because we make it so, we can choose to use it freely or use it freely and help it out by running a server on your computer to make the internet safer. Basically tor encrypts your data communications through chained/linked proxies all over the internet.


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After installing Torbutton

After installing Torbutton in Firefox (On Gutsy Gibbon 7.10) Firefox refused to open. Wiped my firefox directory ~/.mozilla/firefox and it worked again. Just an FYI.


wow, that is interesting, you might want to try foxy proxy instead ];

copying articles from ubuntugeek

guys this guy is copying all articles from ubu8ntugeek takecare of this guys and he is not giving any credit to them

He's doing a good job

He's doing a good job posting articles (with a Full Story link, not the entire story), but he's cheating a little bit with the points Smile. But I'm sure you didn't do that with bad intentions. The problem is that when you submit an article, you have to change the status to "linked article", in the status field. Not to "own article". For an own article you get 100 points, for a linked article only 20.

But I understand it's a bit confusing so I'll change the default option to "linked article". 

So I'll subtract some points, but you can keep your trusted user account. Thanks for your submissions and please keep on posting!



surf on over to and look who posted this post, you will see defcon did which is me...