Security Features of Firefox 3.0

Lets take a look at the security features of the newly released Firefox 3.0. Since it's release on Tuesday I have been testing it out to see how the new security enhancements work and help in increase user browsing security. One of the exciting improvements for me was how Firefox handles SSL secured web sites while browsing the Internet. There are also many other security features that this article will look at. For example, improved plugin and addon security.


Warning users of potential harmful websites while surfing the Internet is an important security feature of a web browser. Being able to clearly warn the user without being a computer expert is one of the problems Firefox tried to solve with Firefox 3.0. They have two features that do this: Google-powered Malware Protection and a feature called “One-Click Site”. Google-powered Malware Protection displays a warning screen if the web site is known to contain malware. This is the same technology that Google already uses in warning users if they try to visit a search result that may install malicious software on your computer.