Securing Your Wireless Internet Connection

It is a well known fact that wireless connections are by nature insecure.  Your chances of being snooped on and valuable data stolen from you is very high, even in the most secure setups.  It's even more likely in a public setting such as an internet cafe or a wireless hotspot.  That is why good solutions are needed to ensure that your wireless connections are as secure as they can be. 

So here are several simple steps to securing your wireless connection in a way that, while not unbreakable, will be so difficult to crack that only the most zealous or determined of hackers would even bother to try their chances at breaching it.

But as with any secure network setup, security is no less than a two party affair.   So let's begin our tutorial by looking at your PC and ways to secure it.


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Good start but lacking

IMHO you can skip any security how-to that suggests you don't need a F/W on a wired client--expecially one attached to a wireless router.  Still, much of this is better than not considering security at all and if you do as told here, you'll have a decent setup.