Scripting Scribus

Have you ever said, "This program is pretty nice, but I wish it would ..."? For applications that offer the capability, scripting gives users the ability to customize, extend, and tailor a program to meet their needs. Scribus, a free page layout program that runs on Linux (and Mac OS and Windows) uses the Python programming language for user scripting. Python scripting in Scribus can drastically improve your work flow, and it's relatively easy for beginners to not only use scripts, but also write them.

Scripts are useful for page layout in a few interrelated ways, including automating repetitive tasks and tasks that involve measuring, such as placing page elements and creating page guides.

Not much is required to use Python scripts in Scribus. If your distribution successfully runs Scribus, then you probably have the required Python components. For this evaluation, I downloaded, compiled, and installed the latest stable Python version (