Rip, store, tag and enjoy MP3s on your Ubuntu install

A short while back, I decided I needed to get a handle on my music collection.  I’ve got random MP3s from years back, purchased MP3s, CDs and even an old 8 track or two.  There are many ways to do go about this but after throwing out the 8 tracks, here’s what I did to get organized.

Getting music from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’.  There are several ways to go about doing this.  The first, and easiest is to hang around your favorite DRM-free download store, like or Rhapsody for starters.  See something you like?  Buy it!  You may also have a lot of your music on an ancient format, like a CD or perhaps a clay tablet.  Let’s say you’re looking at a stack of CDs that are sitting outside of your computer and you’d like to get all that music into your computer.