Review: A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux

With all the people out there willing to offer help on Linux, getting started should be pretty easy. But with many options in introductory books and easy-to-install distributions, choosing a place to start can be the hard part.

Mark G. Sobell, A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux. 2007. Prentice Hall PTR. ISBN-10: 013236039X ISBN-13: 978-0132360395. Includes an Ubuntu install DVD.P

icking a distribution gets a lot less challenging when you remember to choose based on where you plan to go for help. Your local user group mailing list will be a lot more useful when other members know the locations and utilities you're talking about. Just subscribe to your local user group mailing list, and lurk for a while to find out what distribution the most helpful people there use. Then pick up a copy of a good Linux book, burn an install CD, and jump in.