Request A Package For Ubuntu

This post will explain (in depth) how to request a package to be included in the Ubuntu repositories.Ubuntu is built around a packaging system called apt (advanced packaging tool), which uses Debian packaging. To keep Ubuntu as simple as possible there are 4 apt “repositories” which hold different classes of software. ‘Main’ is the main repository. It is basically everything that comes on your  Ubuntu CD and is installed by default.

This includes things like the basic low-level stuff like coreutils and the desktop apps like Firefox and Brasero. ‘Restricted’ and ‘Multiverse’ are much smaller than Main and only hold non-free (as in freedom) software like Flash and DVD Codecs etc. The repository we most interested in here is ‘Universe’. It contains all of the software that is free (as in freedom) and isn’t included on the CD. Universe is massive and unless the devs have had a massive oversight and the package you want to request is incredibly useful, this is where your package will end up.

Howto: Request A Package For Ubuntu Universe