Recover lost bookmarks in Firefox

This article deals with lost or missing bookmarks, recovery methods and prevention. If changes you make to your bookmarks are not being saved or if you can't add new bookmarks, see the article Bookmarks not saved. If you got a message that your profile was already in use, created a new profile and now your bookmarks and other data are missing, read the article Profile in use.

Step-by-step bookmark recovery

If you don't see your bookmarks when you open Firefox, Mozilla Suite or SeaMonkey, and you've tried closing and reopening the browser or restarting the computer, the bookmarks file may have been damaged or the contents deleted.

Firefox automatically makes a bookmark backup every day you use it (up to 5 backups total), with newer backups replacing the older copies. If you use the profile, you must act quickly, before they are all overwritten. However, there are other reasons why your bookmarks may be missing, so it is important that you follow all of these steps: