Readyboost for Linux - a quick how to on getting more speed from a USB flash drive

Readyboost for Vista is a feature added to the OS where you can encourage your limping Vista install to jog a bit faster by essentially using a smallish USB drive as disk cache.  There’s also some Vista Voodoo with Superfetch going on there. While Ubuntu (the distro that I use) and other distros don’t really use Superfetch, you can still get an advantage using the disk cache functionality - particularly if you’re running on a system that doesn’t have a ton of RAM available.

This tutorial is written with Ubuntu in mind but can be easily modified to use with just about any distro.  And yes, there’s some command line stuff.  No, it’s not as guified as Vista.

First, stick the USB drive into an open USB slot. Make sure it’s a drive that you don’t mind overwriting.