Rawstudio turns 1.0

The free software RAW photo converter Rawstudio released version 1.0 in April, marking the culmination of two years of work. This release carries on the Rawstudio tradition of providing a lightweight, dependable tool for photographers.

Source code tarballs and binaries are available through the project's Web site. As of press time, pre-built packages are up for OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. In addition, Ubuntu users can access the 1.0 release and daily builds through Rawstudio's APT repository.

Three new features constitute the big news in 1.0. The first is the inclusion of a sharpen tool, with which you can manually adjust image sharpness using an unsharp mask technique. It is the same feature you would find in a raster graphics editor, but when you do not have major adjustments to make, having it available here is a time-saver.