PSUbuntu: Development help needed!

Along with a couple of other Canonical guys, notably Ben for the kernel and Matthias for the compiler and libraries, I'm one of the Ubuntu developers who's been putting effort into making Ubuntu work on the PS3 over the last two releases. (In other words, installation problems are normally my fault ... yes, I'm working on new custom builds of 7.10 at the moment!)

For the 8.04 release cycle and beyond, it's unlikely I'm going to be able to put anything beyond the bare minimum of work time into this, as I'm going to have far too many other things to do. I'm willing to do the small amount of administration necessary to keep CD images building and such, but I am unlikely to have time to develop PS3-specific improvements or even test CD images. Thus, I would like to plead for some assistance from people inclined towards a bit of development work.