Practical Linux home security

Most all modern home computer users are switched on to the fact they have to protect their computer from nasties: anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalls have all entered the common vernacular. If you don’t use 'that' operating system from Redmond though does this still apply? And what packages should you use?

The short answer is yes, computer security is everyone’s responsibility.  Ok, the case can be made that if your computer is used for a dedicated purpose and does not interact with a network or have any other connections made to it and it does not ever read any floppy disks or CDs or other media that it need not run any such applications.

However, such a computer would most likely be found as a back office financials system or running specialised scientific software in a laboratory. You most definitely wouldn’t be using it to read e-mail, browse the web, read iTWire or do your banking.