Please switch to full feeds

Please switch this site to make use of full feeds.

That would make it much more useful. Please also include vote link in the feed, so we can vote from the rss reader (and you can drive some more traffic to your site :))

Also: the "contact us" page doesn't work :/ (gives forbidden)


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Please, when you have

Please, when you have suggestions send me an email instead of posting an article. I fixed the contact form issue, so now you're able to mail me again. :-)

I'm sorry, but I cannot publish the full feed. Only the teaser of every article is in the UbuntuHQ database. I guess the bloggers wouldn't like it if I published their entire article on my site... 

I'll try to find a way of including the vote link in the feed, but I'm not sure if that's possible. Tomorrow I'm taking a holiday break for two weeks, so it won't be something for the near feature.