Play multimedia content with style using Entertainer

Every major operating system has more than one media center solution for users who can't spend a day without watching a movie or listening to music. In Linux we're all familiar with MythTV and Freevo, two media center applications that are so appreciated they even have got their own distributions. Freevo is highly configurable, and Freevo 2 SNV builds look promising. MythTV has everything a personal video recorder needs, from scheduled recordings to weather plugins. The thing is, many people need a media center application just to watch Xvid files, listen to their favorite music, and watch family pictures on their television. If this is the case for you, give Entertainer a try.

The application is written in Python, uses SQLite as a database, and makes use of pyIMDB to fetch movie information from the IMDB Web site. To use Entertainer, first make sure you have Subversion installed, then run svn checkout entertainer to get the latest build. Note that you have to also install the latest python-pyinotify and python-cddb packages if they are not already present on your system. Copy the contents of the /entertainer/cfg/ directory to ~/.entertainer, as the application can't yet create the files by itself.