Pinguy OS (Remastered Ubuntu) - Ubuntu After A Week Of Customizations [Review]


Pinguy OS


Like we promised last week, here is another Ubuntu based Linux distribution (actually a remastered Ubuntu) review: Pinguy OS, which is very similar in concept to Manhattan OS.
Pinguy OS is a remastered Ubuntu with a lot of useful default applications - great for those who don't like to do a lot of tweaking and want an OS that "just works". Pinguy OS doesn't rebrand Ubuntu, so you'll have the same Plymouth theme, the Ubuntu logo for the menu and so on. It's just Ubuntu with a lot of default applications and PPAs enabled by default:


The system was built to have eye candy (CoverGloobus, Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, Docky) and for every part of it to be user-friendly

You'll probably think you don't need Pinguy since there's already Linux Mint which does a great job at enhancing Ubuntu, but you'll notice a lot more useful stuff in Pinguy OS. And you won't miss Linux Mint either because Pinguy OS comes with the Linux Mint main menu and even the Mint repositories enabled by default.