Pimp your Amarok: 13 Scripts You Should Know About

Amarok is a very intuitive and user friendly music player, it makes playing music on your PC even more fun. It has tons of options that would put any other player to shame. Right out of the box it can fetch lyrics, album covers from Amazon, and artist bios from Wikipedia!

Anyhow these features are merely the tip of the iceberg. Amarok supports user scripts. Think of them as Firefox plugins. You got an idea to make your music player function better? Code it! Or perhaps somebody out there has already thought of it and did the job for you. Here are 13 scripts that others have thankfully provided us:


Autotorrent adds a “Download this album” menu item that when clicked, searches mininova.org and torrentspy.com for the album and starts your Bittorrent client to download it.