OSX Tiger vs. Vista vs. Ubuntu Security: a 15 Point Report Card

When shopping for a new computer, your mind is probably spinning with considerations: price, reliability, speed, software capabilities, security, and other specs. Perhaps the hardest part is choosing an operating system on which everything will run. To get a good idea of what capabilities Apple’s OSX Tiger/Leopard, Windows Vista, and Ubuntu Linux have to offer, check out our 15 point report card that compares the levels of protection you’ll get with each of them.

  1. Personal Firewall
    • OSX Tiger: Grade: B+
      The Mac’s personal firewall security system denies absolutely every kind of traffic trying to get into your computer, unless of course you choose to explicitly allow it. No word, though, on what it does for outbound communications.
    • Windows Vista: Grade: C+
      While Windows boasts that its personal firewall protects your computer from both inbound and outbound communications, some experts beg to differ. They argue that while the capacity for outbound security protection is there, it isn’t effective.
    • Ubuntu: Grade: A-
      Firestarter is the firewall of choice for Ubuntu users. Most seem happy with the application. Other options include Lokkit, for new users, and Guarddog for advanced users. Guarddog offers sophisticated protection, so it’s almost totally hackproof
  2. Network Security