OpenXML (docx,…) suport in OpenOffice

I’m starting to get .docx in my mail lately ( against my will…) and not using Microsoft Office and not beeing able to ask people to send at least .doc, I had to do some search to give some support do OpenOffice to this “format”.

Novell has created an OpenXML Translator for OpenOffice, and I found this guide at sigmundvoid. (I’ve just made some small changes)

This was tested in Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn”


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Open docx and xlsx files with Open Office

Mac and P.C. users that do not own Microsoft Office, or users of earlier versions of Microsoft Office that are not covered by Microsoft compatibility pack, but still want to convert, open and use Word 2007 DOCX or Excel 2007 XLSX files on their own computer, can use "docxconverter 2.0". See: