Tips and Tricks Part II - Importing MS Office Custom Dictionary

Last month we started a tutorial series covering tips and tricks to help you make the transition from Microsoft (MS) Office to (OOo) 2.4 easier. We discovered how to add more templates and clip art to OOo, include grammar checking, and replicate the convenient Split Window feature of MS Office. This part of the series will take you through the process of importing the custom dictionary of MS Office, setting OOo to always save in the MS Office format, and using MS Office. Ready, set, go!


You know when Word or Writer thinks you misspelled a word it puts that annoying, yet priceless, red squiggly line under the word? Well when you right-click the word or run the Spelling Grammar tool and add it to the dictionary, it puts the word or phrase into your custom dictionary. Therefore, the next time you type the word or phrase, Word doesn't prompt you that it's misspelled. You are teaching MS Office people's names, technical terms, brand names, and other words not in its dictionary.