Open Virtual Machine Tools with Ubuntu Hardy

VMWare recently released Fusion 2.0 beta for the Mac, which we’re all desperately looking forward to. When you rely on stable software to earn your living, it’s not always a good idea to jump in to the latest beta releases with wild abandon. Unfortunately, the latest stable release (1.1.3) has some known problems with the latest releases of several Linux distros built on newer kernels that came out after the Fusion release. And guest OSes with no VMWare tools are not fun to use.

However, where the nice folks at VMware open sourced their Virtual Machine Tools late last year, the OSS community has been quietly building in compatibility for newer Linux distributions at the Sourceforge hosted openvmtools project. Getting a working vmtools installation into a freshly upgraded Ubuntu 8.04 is a simple matter of rebuilding the right modules against the newer kernel and rolling them up into a tarball where the script can find them: