Open source video editing: what we have now and what we need

Watching the evolution of open source tools for video editing and manipulation over the last 10 years has been less than a thrilling experience. But are things about to change for the better in the near future? Can even the people most disenchanted with the current state of affairs feel tempted to regain a spark of hope?

The problem

The everyday user of GNU/Linux (or any of the other Unix-derived operating systems out there) can presently watch, listen to, and even produce rudimentary media content quite comfortably, but open source has not kept up with proprietary software vendors when it comes to the development of professional and semi-professional video editing tools.

I've always maintained that one of the great strengths of Linux is the ability to create distributions that are tailored for specific areas of professional activity. But, while there are some good distros around that appeal specifically to the video and audio crowd (like dyne:bolic and Ubuntu Studio), their number is small, and some of them have stagnated or even completely disappeared over the years.