Notes on the Future of GNOME: Problems and Questions

Ok, now that I’ve already made my point about our great achievements, it’s time to talk about the big questions. I ended up writing too much, sorry :-P I won’t discuss about solutions or practical actions in this post because (obviously, I don’t have all the answers and) I prefer to separately talk about solutions and practical actions in another post.

I’ll try to bring the topics that have been looping in my head (for a quite long time already) with regards to our beloved project. They overlap in many ways with the opinion of some people who have already commented on thedecadence“.

One the most important steps on the process of finding a good solution for a problem is to define the problem. People have different expectations and perspectives about GNOME and hence they define the “decadence” and, consequently, the possible solutions, in different ways. First of all, a more fundamental question: do we have a problem?