New P2P network uses bandwidth as currency

The only real exchange between peers in a traditional peer-to-peer network is limited to the files being transferred. Tribler is a new P2P network that's introducing social networking concepts to facilitate better interactions between users. Using new algorithms and protocols, Tribler users will also be able to cash in on their generous uploads for faster downloads.

The Tribler software is primarily developed by the researchers in the Delft University of Technology and De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Sven Seuken, a second-year computer science Ph.D. student at Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, says, "This year we started a research cooperation between the Tribler group and the Harvard Economics and Computer Science research group to introduce economic methodologies into the Tribler software." Seuken's adviser Prof. David Parkes from Harvard and Dr. Johan Pouwelse from Delft have developed the concept of a "virtual bandwidth currency."