New add-ons for Writer

After a slow start, add-ons for are finally starting to reach a critical mass. When I last wrote about add-ons for in September 2004, the examples were relatively limited, with extendedPDF the outstanding example. Today, extendedPDF remains a must-have -- so much so that Debian versions of include it as part of the basic packages -- but the choices have expanded dramatically. There is even a web page that is slowly beginning to rival the Firefox extension page.

Some of the most useful add-ons are those that extend or change the functionality of Writer. In no particular order, below are some of the Writer add-ons that are most useful.

Like all add-ons, they install from Tools -> Extension Manager, and can be installed either for the current user account, or globally on your system. After installation, you have to restart before the new add-on is available.