Nemo file manager organizes around a calendar

Nemo is the latest effort to provide a new paradigm for file managers. Its approach, at least in its first early development release, is to combine file management with calendar views. Questions remain, however, about whether the concept will scale, and whether it is an improvement on traditional file managers, or simply different.

Like Beagle and Tracker, Nemo starts with the idea that the hierarchical folder structure is difficult for new users. Ole Laursen, one of the founders of iola, the company that has released Nemo under the GNU Lesser General Public License, writes in his blog, "A lot of novices find it difficult to understand the hierarchical folder structure, and it's not particularly easy to navigate or keep in order for most computer literates either. People have trouble remembering what folder they put things in -- and they would rather not put things into folders if they can avoid it." The goal of Nemo, like other alternatives, is to find a simpler solution.