mpd - the Music Player Daemon

There are dozens of nice music players around, that’s for sure. You can choose between featur rich killer applications like Rhythmbox or Amarok, use old-school but up to date standards like XMMS or even a console classic like mp3blaster. Most of the standard players have in common, that the interface and the player itself are the same. That’s normal and therefore everything is fine. But maybe you are in a situation where you prefer playing music on a remote machine, only have a console or just don’t want your music player to stay open while playing. Huh?

Okay, again: Imagine, you set a machine dedicated for playing music. You put it into a corner, it has no keyboard, just a network interface. How do you proceed? Ah, you install mp3blaster via ssh and let mp3blaster run in the console, right? That’s fine and mp3blaster really kicks ass. But… With mp3blaster you are forced to have a shell account on the machine, just for playing music. Mp3blaster has a lot of features, but it has only one interface and you have to stick to it - and at least you also have to get into the “screen” business for letting the player run while not being logged in.