Monitor Web page changes with Specto

There's no dearth of Web feed readers for Linux that allow you to keep tabs on new postings on a Web site. But what if the Web site or page you're interested in doesn't provide a feed? Specto is a nifty little Python application that lets you monitor changes to static or dynamic pages. You can configure Specto to monitor changes to wiki pages, blog posts, forum threads, your email inbox, and even files and folders on your own system. An unobtrusive pop-up from its system tray icon informs you of all changes, so you don't have to hop around looking for updates.

Specto is available from the software repositories for most distributions, or you can install it from the compressed tarball if you want the most recent release. First explode the tarball with the tar zxvf specto-0.2.2.tar.gz command. Next, browse into the specto-0.2.2/ directory. You don't have to install Specto to begin using it; the command ./ launches Specto. But Fedora and Ubuntu users can respectively use the su -c "python install" or sudo python install command to install Specto.