Media collection software in GNU/Linux

Around three years ago, when I began my adventure with ‘the penguin’, I had been looking for an application to catalog CDs. They were either ugly, or limited in functionality, or simply couldn’t handle all disk types (e.g. DVD)… some other apps were required for installation, and/or involved many “weird” libraries (which I didn’t know what to do about). I quickly gave up my research, realizing that nothing could match software like WhereIsIt?.

While I was sitting in front of my computer, that old problem came up… this time, armed with a much broader knowledge and experience, I didn’t think of giving up. I started with the most obvious choice - searched the repository. In the repo I found mainly the old and abandoned (for nearly four years) GTKtalog, CdCat, Kat and Katalog and a program which made me stop for a moment - GWhere. After installation I saw a modest, but clear interface. I created the first archive “aaa” proceeded with cataloging and was allowed to modify nine options… some of the more interesting: