Media collection managers for Linux

There comes a time, right after you burn your 137th MP3 CD, when you start feeling the need to establish a system for finding all the songs you treasure so much. It's the same with movies, application kits, books, and music -- you need software that lets you index your media quickly and output detailed search results. Here's a selection of Linux applications you can use to ease your work.

If you're a movie junkie, try GCStar. Setup is a breeze thanks to the graphical installer. When you start the program for the first time, you are asked what kind of a collection you want to create. Default models are board games, books, movies, music, numismatic, video games, and wines. Optionally, if you already have a collection indexed in another application, you can import it in GCStar. Supported software-generated files for importing are Ant Movie Catalog (AMC), DVDProfiler (XML), GCfilms (GKF) and Alexandria.