Malacious help on Linux!

Last week, I read a few articles on how the forums on Linux/Ubuntu are fooling the users. Through a malacious help, these so called 'helpful' souls are actually taking the poor hapless users for a ride. The article examines this problem and a few steps to combat this growing menace of malacious help.


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Is it really a "growing menace?"

Never just blindly trust anyone for anything.  Never just follow instructions from people you don't know on teh interwebs.  That is just common sense.  Always double check all sources and look up what the commands you are being instructed to perform actually do.  This has always been the case since I began using the internet in the early 90's.

True, but...

I can't blame a Linux newbie, visiting the forums for help, who blindly follows up the instructions. I did so when I was one...