Looking For a Few Passionate Volunteers - Ubuntu Community Participation Project

Ever since I attended the Ubuntu Developer Summit last October I’ve had an idea on my mind for a new Team within the Ubuntu Community.  I think there is a real need for this project and I’ve been cooking up some basic specs for it for the past few months.  The reason I’ve been sitting on it is that I want to make sure I do it right, and I want to make sure that it is properly organized.

I’ve had a good amount of team involvement over the past two or three years running the Ubuntu Utah LoCo Team and helping put together the US Teams Project, and I think I’ve learned a thing or two about the processes behind community involvement.  The focus of this team is #1 community involvement and #2 retention, something that I have some passion about.

At this point in the team development process I’m looking for a few determined, hard working volunteers that can help with the project.  I don’t (initially) expect that this will be an open-enrolled team as I want to have very defined roles, but there are a number of positions available.  Each of these positions could potentially be held by one or two individuals.  If you are interested in helping with a project that focuses solely on helping existing and future users get involved in improving ubuntu please see below: