Linux Podcasts Roundup

I have been working pretty hard lately, mainly coding some personal projects. I always used to listen to music whilst coding, these days I tend to listen to podcasts. Is that sad? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I thought I would post a list of Linux and Ubuntu related podcasts which I listen to on a regular basis [the list is presented in no particular order]:

  • LugRadio — one of my favourite podcasts and probably THE podcast which got me hooked on listening to podcasts. LugRadio is released every 2 weeks and is currently in its 5th season. The production quality is always excellent and the content can be very thought provoking. Note, the LugRadio presenters are somewhat notorious for their use of colourful language, therefore it is probably not wise to listen to this podcast while at work [without headphones], or in the company of minors ;)

  • The Linux Link Tech Show