Linux at the Library?

It seems that a library in a nearby town recently made the switch to Ubuntu. Because Microsoft ended support for Windows 98, the librarian decided to switch to Ubuntu because of its "ease of use" and cost-efficiency. The librarian mentions that she discovered Ubuntu through Digg


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Linux in the library

Excellent story! I forwarded it on to a group of teachers/technologists that I regularly correspond with. Ubuntu is a great desktop distribution of Linux. It's made a Linux desktop a reality. Marian's comments as a new user are key too.

It seems the web page is not

It seems the web page is not available anymore.

It's called the Digg effect

The hosting company Site5 that WAS hosing my site shut down the server when we had 3445 pages 22470 hits and 116.26 MB in bandwidth. I moved the site and the story is available again.