Linux Got Game: Alien Arena 2007 Review

Alien Arena 2007 is a free/open-source first-person shooter game based on source code released by id Software. Started by COR Entertainment in 2004, the game combines a 1950s-era sci-fi atmosphere with gameplay similar to the Quake, Doom, and Unreal Tournament series. Alien Arena is primarily an online multiplayer action game, although single player campaigns are also available against bots.

Alien Arena is multi-platform and playable on Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. Ubuntu users can simply download and install the game using Synaptic Package Manager. I finally had the chance to set-up and play Alien Arena last weekend. Thanks to SlippJigg for encouraging me to try it. I got the latest version of Alien Arena 2007 which is 6.10, and played it for 3 hours straight. Here’s is my quick view of the game: