Linspire tightens CNR ties with Mint, Ubuntu

Linspire, the San Diego, Calif.-based Linux distributor, is continuing to build up its CNR (Click-N-Run) software installation system with partnerships with Ubuntu parent Canonical and the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint distribution. Linspire recently announced that its beta CNR service now supports the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron release and Linux Mint versions 4.0 and 5.

The CNR client enables users to install, uninstall, and update desktop Linux programs that are available on the CNR site. CNR's aim is to make it as easy for novice Linux users to download and install or update desktop software as it is for Windows users. In addition to open source software, CNR also offers easy access to proprietary Linux software such as Parallels Workstation virtualization software and Transgaming's Cedega, which enables people to play many Windows games on Linux. Some of these programs cost extra, but you can pay for them via CRN.