Lightzone: A Powerful Camera RAW Editor for Linux

If you're finding DigiKam or F-Spot, two of the many photo organization and editing tools for Linux, a bit limiting you may want to give Lightzone a try. The software isn't free, and curiously, isn't available for purchase either, but judging by the 20-day demo version currently available, it could end up a serious contender in the hybrid photo editing/managing market.

Linux used to be a second class citizen when it came digital photography, but that has changed in the last couple of years with high quality photo editing and management tools now available. However, digital photography is rapidly evolving and workflows change, for many the preferred way to shoot images these days is RAW and the preferred management/editing package is something like Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture.


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update on LightZone for Linux Beta

The original post reported that  thefree LightZone for Linux Beta 3.3B expired after 20 days.  While that may have been true as of the time the author downloaded it, that report my misset readers expectations.  The 3.3B Beta is scheduled to expire on January 30th.  However, there will be a 3.4B Beta introduced before the end of the January, and we expect to introduce future Beta versions at least monthly, until we are ready to release a production release.

Because of the large number of variants of Linux, and the limited Linux bug reports we have received so far, we believe it is necessary to have an extended beta test period to be sure our product will be robust and reliable at final release. At this point of time, we expect the beta test period will last at least another 90 days (which is to say at least  through the end of April 2008) to provide us sufficient feedback to ensure our final release quality goals are reached.  

Additionally the original post reported that the version is not free.  This is not correct. LightZone for Linux absolutely free during the beta test. As of January 2008, no announcement concerning termination of availability of  a free production version has been released because no  final decision has been released.  Light Crafts welcomes email from beta testers on this topic.

Scott McGregor
Chief Operating Officer
Light Crafts Inc.
producers of LightZone for Linux