Liferea: an RSS reader for GNOME

I recently discovered Liferea, an RSS reader/aggregator that uses Mozilla’s xulrunner as its web browsing engine. Its interface resembles that of a mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird (a.k.a. icedove), and it works in much the same way, marking items as read when you click on them. Here’s a screen shot of Liferea in action:

Useful features include:

  • Items in feeds may be flagged for later reference, and viewed in a separate “Flagged” folder
  • Custom folder hierarchies for organising feeds
  • “Heads-up display” on-screen notifications
  • Selectable web browser (either internal, or any of the GNOME options)


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Been looking for a new RSS

Been looking for a new RSS reader, a shame this is GNOME since I use KDe all the time...