Lesser-known Gnome Panel Applets can improve your desktop

The Gnome Desktop Environment comes with a set of default panel applets included. A little searching in your distribution´s repositories and on the Internet will uncover a few extra applets which are not included in the official Gnome offering, but which you may find very useful all the same. Let's take a brief look at some of them.

Gnome Blog

With the Gnome Blog panel applet you can quickly and easily post new blog entries to your blog. You can work on the contents of your new entry a little bit at a time and your changes are saved as you go. If your blog site supports it you can even drag and drop images onto Gnome Blog to be included in your new entry. Once it is ready, just click Post Entry and your new blog entry is uploaded to your blog site. Supported Blog sites include blogger.com, advogato.org, livejournal.com, blog sites built on Movabletype, Wordpress, or pybloxsom weblog platforms, and any blog site using the bloggerAPI or MetaWeblog APIs.

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