Learn and teach geometry and algebra with GeoGebra

GeoGebra, a GPL-licensed teaching and learning tool that integrates geometry, algebra, and calculus, benefits both teachers and students alike. Developed by Markus Hohenwarter at Florida Atlantic University, GeoGebra constructs geometrical figures and demonstrates the relationship between geometry and algebra. GeoGebra can help you create interactive demonstrations and precise images of geometric figures for inclusion in teaching and testing materials.

GeoGebra is a cross-platform application written in Java, and it works with Java 1.4.2 or above. You can download the installer from the GeoGebra site. In the case of Linux, the installer is a shell script that unpacks the JAR files and libraries and creates a launcher for the application. Administrators can do a system-wide installation, while ordinary users can install the software in their home directories for personal use. You can run GeoGebra with the command geogebra.