Kubuntu KDE4: Rock On!

I just installed a fresh copy of Kubuntu kde4 Hardy Heron on my laptop. Actually, it’s semi-fresh… I installed Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition, modified the repositories to Hardy Heron, the next release, and performed an upgrade. Then, I installed the “kubuntu-kde4-desktop” package. After an installation of Firefox, Amarok, and KOffice 2, I am ready to go.

After using it for the past few hours, several things really struck me:

For one, using the modified Kubuntu version of KDE4 is really nice. The Kubuntu developers have added applications that make the KDE4 experience complete, without having places where functionality is skipped, such as package management. There is also improved functionality with the panel at the bottom of the screen. Applications can now be added to the panel, and the panel can be moved around, resized, and configured. Also, when clicking on the clock in the panel, a calendar shows up. Very handy!