Kubuntu 7.10 in the eyes of a full-time geek

Jes Hall (canllaith), a KDE developer, has taken Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) through its paces and finds much to like. Amongst other changes in 7.10 she discusses, Jes admits that she enjoys the six month development cycle, saying:

I do enjoy the Kubuntu development cycle. Just as Iā€™m starting to feel that my stable, long-configured system is starting to get a little blase, the new version is just around the corner. I eagerly upgraded to Kubuntu Gutsy when it was released on my faithful Vaio TX. Gutsy has been released for a few weeks now, so consider these not my first impressions but my opinion formed over 2 solid weeks of using Kubuntu as my main operating system at work.