KompoZer revives Mozilla WYSIWYG Web editing software

In proprietary software, Web page design is dominated by Adobe's Dreamweaver and Microsoft's FrontPage. Free software users have witnessed the rise and fall of several Web design apps, but it has been a while since a new one debuted. Now the next new release is here -- KompoZer, heir to the Mozilla Composer legacy and updated for today's technology.

If you are old enough, you may remember the Mozilla Application Suite that preceded standalone Firefox and Thunderbird. The Mozilla suite featured an integrated browser, email/news client, IRC chat client, and HTML page editor. When the Mozilla Foundation officially stopped developing the suite in 2003, the first three components lived on in Firefox, Thunderbird, and ChatZilla. Composer, the editing component, was left out in the cold until Linux distributor Linspire contracted with the developers at Disruptive Innovations to rework the old codebase into a modern Web design tool they named Nvu.