KOffice 2.0.0 is Out

After more than three years of intense work to make the office suite compatible with QT4 and KDE4 libraries, KOffice 2 is now available and represents a quantum leap compared with the previous version.

During these three years, the KOffice team has completely rewritten the code in order to improve integration between all components of the suite while seeking to eliminate duplicate functions.

But not all the components that existed in KOffice 1 will be available in version 2 which includes the following applications:

  • KWord - Word processor
  • KSpread - Spreadsheet calculator
  • KPresenter - Presentation manager
  • KPlato - Project management software
  • Karbon - Vector graphics editor
  • Krita - Raster graphics editor
  • The chart application KChart is available as a shape plugin, which means that charts are available in all the KOffice applications in an integrated manner.