KnowledgeTree Document Management System On Ubuntu 7.10 Server

This guide will walk you through installing the KnowledgeTree Document Management System on Ubuntu 7.10 Server.  This guide does not include any pictures.  I just felt with this type of install, that they were not warranted.

Please note that this installation is performed on a base install of Ubuntu 7.10.  Since the KnowledgeTree stack installer contains its own versions of Apache and MySQL, it will cause problems on an existing LAMP server.

With that warning out of the way, let's begin.

After you have installed Ubuntu 7.10 Server (remember - a base installation; do not install Apache or MySQL), we need to perform a few steps to get the system ready.


Edit sources.list

In this step, I will edit out the CD-ROM from the sources.list configuration. You do not have to perform this step, I just don't like using the CD for software installations.